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Ovens Research Lecture – VCU GDES 20 slides 20 secs.

This past summer I took Intro to Ceramics at VCU. I had two goals in mind – first to conduct – Research Through Design – a process, I’ll explain a … Continue reading

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New Tools

This summer I’ve been fabricating three new cooking tools for future workshops. The first is a replica of a Greek oven from the 17th century BCE. The small prototype was … Continue reading

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Research Finding + Gathering

A collection of our research finding / gathering will be kept on a Pinterest board.

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Food as a Lens: Developing Methods for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Food acts as a universal language and in its essence it is about the moment of connection between individuals and disparate elements. In this inquiry, food and the cooking process … Continue reading

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Design Inquiry – Documentation

DesignInquiry selects a topic to explore at an intensive gathering of presentations, discussions, and workshops. This gathering is an alternative to the one-way delivery of a standard conference: each participant … Continue reading

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Design Inquiry – Generated Recipes from the Kitchen Tools

+ Kim Loken, pursuant to discussion with Sean, Garreth and Matt — Pork Three Ways: Ground Oven Cast Iron Savory Rub Cut:         Boston butt Rub:        (3 parts) salt (3 … Continue reading

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Design Inquiry – Kitchen Tools

We use the location and participants at the 2013 Design Inquiry as a means to create stations for cooking. The objects or tools made during the week subjected participant’s heirloom … Continue reading

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